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Tax Services

Income Tax Preparation


Bernie Kiely is a CPA and the owner of Bernard M. Kiely, CPA, a sole proprietorship.  He has been preparing and teaching taxes since 1983. He specializes in issues such as:

  • Self-employment tax

  • Stock options and restricted stock grants

  • Most out of state tax returns

  • Credit for taxes paid to other countries.


He’s also more than happy to do your basic 1040. All tax returns are electronically filed.


Tax Planning


If you’ve had a major life change, such as a marriage or new job, it’s often best to plan your taxes before year-end. You might also seek guidance before selling real estate or another large appreciated asset. Make an appointment to talk to Bernie about your tax planning issues.

Audit Representation


It’s never nice to receive a notice from the taxing authorities, especially if you are being audited.  You don’t have to go through an audit alone, even if you prepared your own tax return.  Bernie can help you understand the audit notice and go over your tax return and your documentation.  He will coach you so you can go to the audit by yourself, or he can come to the audit with you.




All tax services are billed hourly at $250.00 per hour.

Not exactly what you were looking for?


Are you looking for more full-service assistance? Look into our Financial Planning services.

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