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Financial Planning

Preparing Your Financial Plan


When you plan your financial future with Kiely Capital Management, we help you make informed decisions. Throughout the financial planning process, we work with you to clarify the many uncertainties and unknowns that make thinking about the long term somewhat frightening. You need not make important decisions alone.

If you’re thinking ahead to retirement, come in for a retirement plan. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your financial picture - retirement assets, Social Security, insurance, liabilities, cost of living, healthcare, taxes… the works. Then, we’ll assess your chances of success (not running out of money) and recommend the best way to improve those odds.


A final written plan including summary illustrations, cash flow analysis and income tax projections will be presented to you at a review meeting which takes place in our offices. Our forecast commonly answers many of the questions you may currently be thinking about such as; "What effect will inflation have on my cost of living?" or "Will I run out of money in my old age?" Our goal is to help you make retirement as enjoyable as possible for you and your family.


The retirement plan package costs $2,500.00, based on an hourly rate of $250.00.

Not exactly what you were looking for?

Do you need asset management and income tax services? Consider our Investment Management Services.

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