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We offer a variety of professional services to help your meet your long-term and short-term financial goals.  Not sure what you need?  Consider a Get-Acquainted meeting.  Do you have very specific goals in mind?  Book our 2-hour consultation where you dictate the agenda!
Let's Get Acquainted


Come in for a complimentary get-acquainted meeting. Tell us about your financial situation, and learn how we can help you. No obligation 


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Working Session




A two-hour working session for $500.00. You control the agenda. Bring in your pressing financial concerns, and leave with workable solutions.   


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If you’re thinking ahead to retirement (whether it’s just around the corner or years in the future), come in for a retirement plan. We’ll take a complete look at your financial picture, clarify uncertainties, and help you make informed decisions about your long-term financial future.

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Investment Management


No matter your financial goals, creating and maintaining a proper investment strategy is key. At Kiely Capital Management, we’ll create an asset allocation based on your unique needs, implement it, and monitor it regularly for an ongoing fee. Delegate your investments to experienced professionals, and enjoy financial peace of mind.


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​Tax Services


Bernie Kiely is a CPA with over 35 years of experience. He offers income tax preparation, income tax planning, and audit representation.


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Our Fees​


Fees for our Investment Management Services are based on the value of the assets in the client's account.

Fees for a written financial plan, which contains a long-term cash flow analysis and income tax estimate start at $2,500.00 and are based on an hourly rate.


You will find all of our fees clearly listed alongside all of our services.

“Retirement? I’m way too young to think about retirement! Besides, I have a bunch of other problems to deal with first.”

  • I need a plan to pay off my student loans.

  • I don’t know how I ended up with all this credit card debt, and I’m overwhelmed.

  • Do I have enough money to buy a house?

  • I’m a new parent, and I want to start saving early for my child to go to college.

  • My new job offers retirement accounts, but I have no idea what they are.

  • I need some help with budgeting.

  • We just got married. What does that mean for our tax situation?


If you’ve recently graduated from college, entered the workforce, bought your first home, or started a family, you probably have lots of questions about money and finance.


Since your challenges are likely quite different than the ones your parents faced at your age, you might not know where to turn. Fortunately, we can help.

Your Time, Your Questions

Come in for a two-hour working session, and ask away. Bring in your questions and concerns, and leave with workable solutions.

Book your appointment today!

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